This program provides the opportunity for both Alumni and Undergraduate brothers of SLB to raise funds and build a long-term endowment specifically for the educational and programming needs of their entity. Managed by the SLBEF, a 501c3 entity, allows ESF’s to use an established contribution portal as well as provide contributors with the ability to make tax deductible contributions.


Alpha Chapter Fund

Chi Beta Sun Devil Chapter Fund

Chicago Alumni Network Fund

East Region Entity Fund

Eta Alpha Chapter Fund

Gamma Chapter Fund

Omicron Chapter Fund

Omicron Alpha Chapter Fund

Theta Delta Chapter Fund

Upsilon Gamma Fund

Upsilon Gamma Scholarship Fund

Zeta Beta Chapter Fund


1. Establish an Oversight Commitee

Committees will consist of at least 2 active or alumni brothers to create an ESF. This committee will be expected to plan and execute fundraising activities for the ESF, as well as provide oversight over the eventual use of the funds.

2. Utilize the SLBEF

The SLBEF Board of Trustees (BoT) will work with the committee to further explain the ESF program policies, set up the ability for the ESF to fundraise using the SLBEF contribution portal, and finalize the establishment of the ESF.

3. Start Fundraising!

Once active, the ESF can begin fundraising and accepting contributions through SLBEF’s contribution portal.

4. Milestone Achievements

There are different milestones each ESF can achieve that unlocks higher levels of giving. 

5. Stay up to Date

Once an ESF is established and fundraising efforts continue, the SLBEF BoT will provide the oversight committee with mid and end of year reports summarizing the results of their fundraising activities, any fund disbursements that have occurred, and an overall review of the balance of the ESF.


The University of Iowa Alpha chapter created an Entity Specific Fund in 2016. Over the years the oversight committee for this ESF has refined its approach to fundraising, specifically setting up fundraisers around such things as fantasy football leagues and Founder’s events. The Alpha Chapter ESF now has over $10,000 as a result of on-going fundraising as well as investment income, and in 2019, they started providing multiple scholarships to undergraduate Alpha chapter brothers.