Lifetime Giving Levels are designed to recognize a contributor’s (brother, friend, corporation) cumulative giving. Total giving to all SLBEF approved funds will be used to determine the appropriate level of recognition. A company match or any gift not made directly by an individual contributor will not be included in their total. To check your contribution totals, login to our Contribution Portal.

Each level represents the increased impact made by the cumulative lifetime giving: 

Star ($1986+)

Reaching this first lifetime giving level demonstrates that the contributor is a rising and shining example for others to follow.

Scales ($4486+)

At this level, contributors are tilting the scales toward success and proving their strong commitment to building our foundation.

Shield ($19,860+)

After the Greek letters themselves, our fraternal shield is the most recognizable symbol that sets us apart from other organizations. Contributors who have reached this level of giving have also started to set themselves apart.

Founders ($44,860+)

Out of the Iowa Cornfields came 18 men who founded our Brotherhood and in some way impacted the lives of all who came after. While there will only ever be one group of original founders, contributors at this level are amongst the very few that have had a similarly large impact on our brotherhood through their giving.

Pyramid ($86,000+)

This highest level of giving is for those contributors whose philanthropic mission can only be described as being similar to that of the foundation itself. As such, the level is named for the symbolic image of SLBEF.

Legacy: Estate Giving

This giving level is reserved for contributors who make the ultimate gift, naming the foundation in their estate or will as a beneficiary. Estate gifts must be confirmed and appropriate documentation (subject to Legal review) provided to the foundation before contributors will be recognized.

Star Level Contributors ($1986+)

  • Juan Eligio, Jr

  • Rogelio Monzon

  • Luis Cruz-Rivera

  • Benjamin Robles

  • Roy Salcedo

  • Anthony YBarra

  • Mario Garcia

  • Tim Wightman

  • Rodolfo Calderon

  • Ej Smith

  • Ricardo Melgoza

  • Sigma Lambda Beta Houston Alumni Network

  • Ricardo Cortez

  • Francisco Aguilar

  • Edwin Martinez Velazquez

  • Baltazar Mendoza

  • Ian Bautista

  • Robert Cannon

  • Louis Valente

  • Michael Finnerty

  • Angel Arroyo Jr.

  • Isaac Garlington

  • Juan Hernandez

  • Phillip Guerrero

  • Timothy Hall II

  • James Taylor

  • Jared Terronez

  • Brian Castro

  • Jose Cabrales Jr

Scales Level Contributors ($4486+)

  • Ricardo Zamudio

  • Denver Foundation

  • Mary Peterson

  • Ammar Mufleh

  • Walton Family Foundation

  • Sam Centellas

  • Derik Robinson

  • Enrique Carbajal

  • State Farm Foundation

  • Jason Smolka

  • Joel Rhea

  • Kraft Foods Foundation

  • Alejandro Builes

  • James Hayes III