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“Lifting Up” is a fundraising campaign initiated by Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation’s Board of Trustees in full partnership with Sigma Lambda Beta’s Executive Board of Directors. It is a 5-year campaign that kicked off in July 2018 and will culminate at Leadership Institute (LI) 2023.


“Lifting Up” will increase the Leadership Institute Fund for Tomorrow’s (LIFT) Leaders. Established in 2012, LIFT was created with the vision of one day fully endowing the Sigma Lambda Beta Leadership Institute.

Campaign Goal:

Raise a minimum of $100,000 aligned to the LIFT fund.

The long-term goal is for the LIFT fund to provide grants that would fully-fund Sigma Lambda Beta’s Leadership Institute While this 5-yr campaign will not get us there, it will set the tone and establish habits that will allow for the fund to increase in value over time

Progress and Updates

  • December 2021: At the end of 2021, roughly $86,000 in total contributions and investment income

  • June 2021: At the end of Q2 2021, roughly $58,900 in contributions have been collected

  • December 2020: At the end of 2020, roughly $39,950 in contributions have been collected

  • June 2020: At the end of Q2 2020, roughly $31,000 in contributions have been collected

  • June 2019: At the end of Q2 2019, roughly $16,500 in contributions have been collected

  • March 2019: A near-term fundraising milestone of at least $50,000 committed contributions was reached, and we provided a $25,000 grant to offset the cost of the 2019 Leadership Institute.


*While all levels of contributions are appreciated, we will specifically recognize those who commit to a contribution level of $1,000 or higher.

These Brothers have already “Lifted Up” this campaign

So far, each of these Brothers and Entities have met their stated commitment and given over $1,000 to LIFT. Please help us thank them… and join them by making a pledge today!

Ammar Mufleh

Manual Del Real

Eddie Diaz

Edwin Martinez

Ben Robles

EJ Smith

Jason Smolka

Jared Terronez

Brian Castro

Christopher Cooley

Kyle McCree

Mary Peterson

Antonio Rogers

David Ayento

Sam Centellas

Juan Eligio Jr.

James L. Hayes

Esau Schwarz

Armani Tavarez

Manual Trejo

Tim  Wightman

Ricardo Zamudio


Alumni Networks:



Western Michigan

How can you “LIft Up” our brotherhood?

You can help make this campaign a success by starting your contribution. You can do that today by using the “Contribute” button above, or by making your pledge. Whether cash, check or online; a one-time gift or a recurring contribution, there are many ways to help move this campaign forward.

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