86 Nights Before Xmas

Updated: Oct 4

‘Twas 86 nights before Xmas, And all through SLB, Not a creature was stirring, Except for the Foundation’s Trustees. They were meeting and plotting, And devising a plan of action, To kick-off this fundraiser, And design an ornament for the SLB Nation. For a contribution of $19.86 or more, The ornament you will be sent. Which you can hang on your tree with care, Or give out as a present. So go to our site to contribute, And get your ornament fix. We wish a Happy Holidays to all, And to all an “86”!! The Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation Board of Trustees

Brothers, this year we have a special custom ornament of our 86 Santa logo. For a gift of $19.86 you get an ornament, for $30 you will receive two, and for each additional $10 that you give you can get one more ornament included in your shipment. So whether you celebrate the holiday or not, want them all for yourself or for gifts, maybe get them for your entire line… this is a great way to show you support for the fraternity.

We want to give a special thank you to Former Chairman David Ayento for helping get the design ready for production. Check back on this page for updates and make sure you order yours before they sell out!

Instructions to get your ornament(s):

  1. Go to the SLBEF Contribution Portal

  2. If you have a profile, click "Login to an Existing Profile". Otherwise, click "Contribute as Guest".

  3. Start a contribution and provide the required information until you reach the "Contribution Information" screen

  4. On "Contribution Information", contribute to "SLBEF LIfting Up Campaign" - $19.86 for one ornament, $30 for two ornaments, and increments of $10 for each additional ornament

  5. Complete the contribution and your ornament(s) will be on its way!

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