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86 Nights Before Xmas

Updated: Nov 3

Greetings Brothers of The Most Honorable,

It’s time to kick off the 5th annual 86 Nights Before Xmas ornament campaign! This year we have a special ornament design we believe honors Sigma Lambda Beta and highlights a message that is incredibly relevant to all brothers, maybe now more than ever. It also serves as a great reminder of an enduring way of thinking we all learned as undergraduates and should always embrace.

Starting today and through the holiday season you can get ornaments as gifts for yourself and any other brother you want to show some love. You can contribute $19.86 to get one ornament, $30 for two, and each additional ornament after two is $10. You may also buy the full bundle of 2019-2023 ornaments for $86!

You can get your ornament on our 86 Nights Page. Make sure to order early!

Thank you Brothers!

The Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation Board of Trustees

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